Concrete Calculators

The Concrete Calculators can be used to estimate the volume and weight of the concrete you will need for the size or area of the project that needs to be covered. When purchasing, we suggest that you buy a little more than the calculated result.

We have several concrete calculators to estimate the amount of concrete you will need based on the shapes and sizes required for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Concrete Columns Calculators
Concrete Footing Calculator
Concrete Slab Calculator
Concrete Step Calculator
Premix Calculator
Sonotube Calculator

Even though there are many different types of concrete, the word “concrete” normally refers to Portland cement, which is the most widely used construction material in the world. In actual usage, concrete is normally mixed with reinforcing materials, such as sand, fibers, etc., and you can purchase premixed concrete in 40 pound, 60 pound or 80 pound bags. If you need a large amount of concrete, you can request that a concrete mixer truck deliver your order.

Mixing is a very important step. Thorough mixing is essential for the production of strong and uniform concrete. Once mixed, concrete becomes a paste that can be poured. After this, it will gradually harden. This process is called “curing”. To achieve the best strength and hardness, concrete should be cured in a humid environment at an appropriate temperature. This is especially important during the first three days. In practice, this is achieved by spraying water on the concrete or placing plastic covers over it. It can take a few weeks for the concrete to reach more than 90% of its final strength.