Geotechnical Services & Materials Testing


Jordan Group Construction has Partnered with MNA Engineering

geotechnicalJordan Group Construction believes in a business approach to projects that puts talented and experienced engineers in direct contact with clients. Clear communication and partnering of geotechnical engineers with other design team members, especially civil and structural engineers, allows for a better defined scope and results. MNA Engineering Ltd. has been involved in providing Geotechnical Services, Environmental Engineering and Construction Material Testing to Municipal and Provincial government bodies and their agencies, developers, prime-consultants and land owners. Together, we pride ourselves on developing innovative site investigation approaches, data analysis and field and laboratory testing.

Jordan Group Construction & MNA Engineering offer expertise and an integrated design approach for soils, water and structures. We have experience in a wide range of projects, specializing in challenging sites, and providing innovative solutions and cost effective engineered designs to address our clients’ needs in the fields of water resources, bank stabilization and in commercial and industrial foundations.

Geotechnical Engineering services provided include:

    • Testing of aggregates, bitumen and reclaimed asphalt materials.
    • Asphaltic concrete mix design, specialized mixes.
    • Quality control.
    • Failure analysis.
    • Asphalt storage bin certification.
    • Design and quality control of hot/cold asphalt mix.
    • Water proofing systems.
    • Condition Survey and Analysis of existing roof membrane, failure analysis.
    • Evaluation of proposed roofing system (conventional / inverted roofing: built-up bituminous roofing,modified bitumen and single ply systems, EPDM, PVC etc.)
    • Re-roofing and restoration proposal.
    • Below grade waterproofing design (cold applied, hot applied, pre-formed sheet and bentonite)
    • Laboratory testing of roof membranes and waterproofing materials.
    • Field testing of concrete for air, slump and casting of specimens for compressive, flexural and splitting t
      tensile strength etc.
    • Laboratory testing of specimens for compressive, flexural and splitting tensile strength etc.
    • Coring and testing on hardened concrete for compressive strength, air voids, RCP etc.

Other Professional Services include:

    • Geotechnical Investigation for development projects.
    • Geotechnical investigation and Pavement design.
    • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.
    • Phase II Environmental Site Assessment.
    • Record of site condition.
    • Site Remediation and decomissioning.
    • Site servicing.
    • Transportation study for new development projects.
    • Building Science
    • Architectural and Engineering services for residential and commercial development.
    • Subsoil investigation and consultation.
    • Soil and rock anchor installation, proof load testing.
    • Inspection of pile driving.
    • Load tests on piles and caissons.
    • Geotechnical laboratory services.
    • Condition survey of reinforced concrete structures including parking garages and high rise buildings.
    • Pre-construction condition survey.

For reliable environmental services, call today. Talk to us about your needs, or request a detailed proposal. See for yourself why the name Jordan Group Construction has become synonymous with environmental service excellence at a reasonable cost.

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