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  • DysCrete: Building Art Invention

    DysCrete: Building Art Invention

    Ex­per­i­men­tal En­er­gy Pro­duc­tion Sys­tems Photos and Post Credit: Building Art Invention DYSCRETE – SO­LAR POW­ER FROM CON­CRETE DysCrete is an in­no­va­tive ap­proach to the gen­er­a­tion of en­er­gy, based on the same un­der­ly­ing prin­ci­ples as dye-sen­si­tized so­lar cells (DYSC), from which it gains its name. Like other cells based on DYSC tech­nol­o­gy, DysCrete us­es or­gan­ic dyes […]

  • BAUX Accoustic Panels by Form Us With Love

    BAUX Accoustic Panels by Form Us With Love

    Accoustic Panels made from Wood-Wool Cement The Baux Acoustic Panels, designed by Form Us With Love, are composed of a recyclable, environmentally friendly combination of wood wool, cement and water. The material not only has acoustic properties, it balances the humidity in a space by absorbing and emitting moisture to the ambient air. These accoustic […]