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  • Concrete Floor Coating Terminology

    Concrete Floor Coating Terminology

    Floor Coating Terminology You have made the decision to finish off your concrete floor. You have done your research and are looking for a bit more information. There is typical lingo that goes with each industry you encounter; floor coating is no different. Here is a list of common floor coating terminology that goes along […]

  • Commercial and Industrial Flooring Solutions

    Commercial and Industrial Flooring Solutions

    Coating Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Flooring Are you in charge of choosing a flooring system for a commercial or industrial location? The good news is that there are a wide array of choices. The bad news is that there are numerous commercial and industrial flooring solutions to choose from. 1) Coatings   2) Ceramic […]

  • Choosing the Right Commercial Floor Coating

    Choosing the Right Commercial Floor Coating

    Commercial Floor Coating Checklist There are many choices in commercial flooring to choose from. Jordan Group Construction can help you in selecting the commercial floor coating solution that will match your requirements. Start off by answering the following questions. Aesthetics Questions Answer Recommended Floor Coating System 1. Do you want the natural look of concrete? […]

  • Contractor Comparison

    Contractor Comparison: Are you really comparing Apples to Apples? Many times we hear our customers say they want to get multiple bids on their project before they make their decision on whom to hire and we understand the reasoning behind this. A lot of times the projects are a huge investment for them and their […]

  • Geotechnical Services & Materials Testing

    Geotechnical Services & Materials Testing

    Jordan Group Construction has Partnered with MNA Engineering Jordan Group Construction believes in a business approach to projects that puts talented and experienced engineers in direct contact with clients. Clear communication and partnering of geotechnical engineers with other design team members, especially civil and structural engineers, allows for a better defined scope and results. MNA […]

  • New Pathway Spray Makes Pedestrian Walkways Glow

    New Pathway Spray Makes Pedestrian Walkways Glow

    by Blaine Brownell A new pathway spray product absorbs UV rays by day, and glows by night Many architects, engineers, and material manufacturers have already recognized the benefits of introducing illumination to roads and pathways. I’ve written in ARCHITECT on NighTec Leuchtsteine illuminated pavers, Studio Roosegaarde’s Smart Highway, and BIG’s Digital Interactive Roadway, but these […]

  • Got a question? Need an answer?

    Got a question?  Need an answer?

    Got a question? Need an answer? Ask the experts! “Ask the Experts” a place where you can find answers to questions you haven’t been able to find with other resources. Got a question about your home projects and renovations? Need an answer? Our experts can help. Our team won’t do the work for you, but […]

  • Concrete Flooring Classifications

    Concrete Flooring Classifications

    Table of Concrete Flooring Classifications This list of floor uses and service conditions will help to determine the “class” of concrete floor needed.   CLASS ANTICIPATED TYPE OF TRAFFIC USE SPECIAL CONDITIONS FINAL FINISH SINGLE COURSE     1     Exposed surface — foot traffic     Offices, churches, commercial, institutional, multi-unit residential Decorative […]

  • Flatwork Discoloration

    Flatwork Discoloration

    Flatwork Discoloration: Cause and Remedies Folds and wrinkles in curing blankets become the location of water-evaporation and condensation cycles cuasing flatwork discoloration. Question: Last fall we placed a concrete sidewalk in front of a downtown office building. Because it was relatively cold weather, we used a winter flatwork mix and covered the slab with curing […]

  • Better Garage Floors

    Better Garage Floors

    Tips for pouring stronger, crack-free concrete slabs for better garage floors by William D. Palmer Jr. and Paul Newman Garage slabs take a lot of abuse. They have to support heavy cars and trucks and resist ice, dirt, salty water, de-icers, gasoline, motor oil, antifreeze, and other contaminants. Plus, since few garages are heated, they […]