The Vortabrush



Using a Vortabrush is faster and easier than cleaning holes the traditional way

Vortabrush is the all new revolutionary concrete hole cleaning system. Designed specifically for epoxy and anchor preparation to maximize anchor holding power.

vortabrushCleaning holes the traditional way means blowing the hole with compressed air (minimum 80 psi) for at least four seconds, running a brush up and down it at least four times, and then blowing it for at least four seconds more. If the hole isn’t clean enough, the epoxy connection between rod and concrete will not meet the design strength. With the Vortabrush, you can brush and blow a hole clean in about five seconds.

So in about half the time you get a cleaner hole. This might not sound like a big deal and really it isn’t if you only have a couple of holes to clean. But you might have to do hundreds on some commercial sites.

The Vortabrush is available in diameters from 5/8 to 1 1/2 inches and should be sized to fit the hole. You can put it on a standard blow gun or a pistol grip blow gun, giving it a better angle and you don’t have to bend your air hose as sharply.

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