Chemical Resistant Flooring

Chemical resistant flooring systems from Jordan Group Construction are the ideal application to protect concrete from damage resulting from acids, oil, solvents and cleaning solutions. The addition of aggregate to the system will provide a slip-resistant, durable wearing surface in pedestrian areas where aggressive chemicals are present.

Jordan Group Construction offers a chemical resistant epoxy flooring surface. This chemical resistant flooring solution provides protection for the concrete sub-surface while also adding secondary containment for volatile chemicals that could potentially contaminate groundwater.

Where are chemical resistant flooring solutions used?

  • Battery Charging Areas: Provides protection to the concrete floor slab against sulphuric acid at 65% and up concentration, and at the same time providing abrasion, gouging and impact resistance, required for forklift truck use.
  • Pit Lining: Unlike containment areas, pits hold chemical resistant flooring - trenchingchemical for long periods and require assurance that the installed lining protects against corrosion and leakage by chemicals held in them.
  • Spillage in Production Areas: Knowing the names of your production chemicals is not enough to provide the right flooring. Understanding the length of exposure, the temperature and the frequency of the spillage is vital to proper material choice.
  • Lining of Containment Area: Containment linings are designed for short-term immersion exposure. (24 to 72 hours).
  • Trench Lining: Trenches generally have lower chemical concentration exposure, but require added protection against the abrasive action of moving liquid. It is also important to understand the corrosive nature of the liquids at the surface line when the liquid is at rest in the trench.

Resistance to Chemicals

Most Chemical Resistant Flooring Epoxies are resistant to the following:

Alkalies Ammonia, soda ash, caustic potash, lime.
Mineral Acids Phosphoric, hydrochloric, sulfuric.
Salts Neutral, acid, alkaline.
Organic Solvents Turpentine, thinners, petroleum.
Organic Compounds Sugar, mineral oils, soaps, detergents, greases, milk, fruit, cheeses, beverages, animal and vegetable fats.
Water Distilled, tap, deionized.

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