Replacing cracked ceramic tile and re-grouting

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fritz asked 4 years ago

I have a few ceramic tiles, 8×8″, that need to be replaced.  What is the easiest way to get the tiles out without breaking the surrounding ones?  I would also like to replace some of the old grouting.  Any tips?

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Rick Staff answered 4 years ago

To replace the broken tile(s), the best way is to use a diamond saw to cut around tile with out breaking surrounding tiles.

To replace the old grouting, you must first, clean the space really well, making sure to remove any old grout that’s come loose. Be sure to wear a mask and safety goggles, as the grout removal process creates a lot of dust. Vacuum the floor to remove chips of the old grouting and all the dust. Mix up your grout as the manufacturer recommends. Force grout into the joints by holding a grout float on a 45-degree angle as you sweep the float and grout material diagonally to the joints; sweeping in line with the joint pushes out the grout material. Ensure that the joints are completely filled by sweeping each joint from different directions. Clean off excess grout from the faces of the tiles by holding the grout float at almost a 90-degree angle while pulling it across the surface of the tiles diagonally. Wring a sponge that’s soaked in clean, fresh water until the sponge is slightly damp. Wipe the tile surfaces with the damp sponge, removing the remaining grout from them. Repeat this process several times, using clean water and rinsing the sponge before each wipe of the tiles. Let the grout cure as directed by the manufacturer.