Fire Hall Bays need recoating

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Lorne Baxter Staff asked 4 years ago

Our fire hall bays are currently coated with a two-part epoxy paint.  They get recoated approximately every 5 years, so there are several layers already down.  We’re looking for a high gloss concrete paint that will last longer than 5 years and withstand the impact of fire hose ends, ladders and the various tools of the trade.  Is this possible?  Is there anything extra to be done before painting?

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Rick Staff answered 4 years ago

You have to know if the floor was in fact painted or has an epoxy coating. Epoxy coatings will react with other, previously installed coatings, so realize polyurethane and latex floor paints do not make a suitable substrate for epoxy products. If you have one of these coatings on the floor, it will require stripping prior to applying the epoxy.
There are 3 options available to you:

  1. Polishing concrete (10 years) – but because the floor been previously painted what ever colour you have in any deep devits of the concrete floor will show through and it will become very slippery when wet.
  2. Concrete sealer (7-8 years ) – very durable and non-slip. A colour pigment could be added to it.
  3. Proper epoxy coating (15mm) with a protective coating and non-slip finish (7-8 years)