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fritz asked 4 years ago

We are thinking about remodeling one of the bathrooms in the house.  It has a large shower that I would like to replace the ceramic tiles in.  They are adhered to concrete board.  Will I have to replace the board also?

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Rick Staff answered 4 years ago

When removing ceramic tile in the shower area, the concrete board will get damaged. Yes, you would need to replace it,  but there are other options that are available on the market beside the concrete board that are cleaner and easier to work with.
One of these options is Green E Board. It’s Environmentally Safe, Moisture Resistant, Lightweight and highly Durable. Green E Board used for a multitude of applications like tile backing, non structural interior and exterior wall panels & fire rated wall and ceiling assemblies just to name a few. It combines the flexibility and ease of use of gypsum based product with the durability and strength of a concrete based board. The product is made from natural and recycled materials and contains no Volitile Organic Compounds (The dreaded VOC’s) so there is no harmful ‘off gassing’. It’s entirely unaffected by water. Unlike gypsum based tile backers, it can handle perpetually wet environments with ease. It won’t absorb moisture and can even be stored outdoors onsite. It also has flame spread index (FSI) of Zero making it a great choice for weatherproof non combustible assemblies, something that paper backed gypsum board can’t do. It is also easier to install than regular cement board. Just score and snap with a straight edge, no special tools required. Did I mention that it also has a 20 year Transferable Limited Warranty and that it will not support the growth of Mold and Mildew?