Pavement Marking & Line Painting
for industrial facilities, underground parking and parking lots

Pavement marking & line painting for underground parking, lots and warehouse flooring

line marking and painting in underground parking garageClearly marked lines and symbols are critical for directing drivers and maintaining the lots and road safety. We have pavement marking and line painting experience, and our standard of workmanship is the envy of our industry.

Underground Parking

Professionally marking your lot can maximize occupancy and using symbols adds structure to your lot, while providing direction and organization to customer traffic.



Parking Lots

A well marked parking lot is essential to any business organization. It is very important that any parking surface that can accommodate more than two vehicles must have a clear, designated pattern of parking spaces.pavement marking parking lots

The available area must be properly marked in order to park maximum number of vehicles to maintain cost effectiveness. If the parking lot is not well organized and if any facilities are not available like handicapped parking, you may lose valuable clients or customers. Customers always look for ease of movement, a place that they can easily enter, park and exit quickly and safely. With properly placed parking stalls that look attractive, arrows and handicapped reserve signs, Jordan Group Construction will ensure that your business offers the most to it’s clients.


Warehouse Floor Marking

line painting in industrial facilites such as warehousesWarehouse floor marking ensures a safe working environment. It is the best way to direct vehicular movement in the warehouse, while protecting your pedestrian work force. Creating a clearly marked and well instructed space in an industrial facility, such as a warehouse, is important to maintain organization, optimum work flow and a safe working environment.

Warehouses are marked with different colored markings, according standards, each set of colors indicating a certain restriction or need for attention. It is imperative that correct line markings are used to indicate proper travel areas as well as provide information on the location of other equipment such as fire equipment, medical supplies, and general storage areas. Safety is the key and marking out boundaries in the work place will improve the way your business operates as well as working with current health and safety regulations.