Epoxy Floor Coating Colors


Epoxy Floor Coating Colors

Epoxy floor coatings provide a wear resistant, and chemical resistant, surface for garage floors or basement floors. Epoxies provide added design options, colors and are highly durable. Many manufacturers of epoxy coatings come in a wide variety of color options including several choices of color flake chips. Below are some of the standard epoxy floor coating colors available for your next project.

Here are a few of the epoxy floor coating colors to help you choose the color when you want to add color to your concrete floor, patio, or pool deck. Concrete is a natural light grey color, if you’re looking for something different than that, then adding color to the concrete is a great way to give your project a decorative look.

epoxy floor coating colors - safety yellow


epoxy floor coating colors - red


epoxy floor coating colors - blue


floor coating colors - orange


epoxy floor colors - yellow 2

yellow 2

epoxy floor colors - green


epoxy floor colors - grey


epoxy floor  colors - white


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